Peterbilt Door Latch Problems Dorman 760-5426 Cab Door There was a problem filtering reviews right now. When the rear door latches reach the striker, this may be heard. If you think this is the case, try opening and closing the door a few times to make sure the problem is resolved. Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2020. Remove the three screws securing the interior door lock assembly with a star-bit screwdriver. Toyota Highlander Liftgate Won’t Open: (Causes and Fixes). When a GE washer lid keeps locking, unlocking, or clicking, the problem could be anything from a faulty lid lock to a failing lid lock sensor. Now, your Yale locks may work again. Polished Stainless Steel Door Hinge For Peterbilt 359. DIRKSCC97 - Peterbilt 379 RH Sleeper Door Skin, No Vent $ 147. To replace it you will have to remove the door panel, the water barrier etc. Hyundai Tucson Door Latch Problems. The Ford door latch defect class action settlement was granted final approval Dec. If the door latch isn’t engaged and your dryer won’t start, it’s likely that the problem is in the door latch assembly or spring. Chrome Driver Side Inner Door Handle for most Peterbilt 349, 353, and 359 models. Passenger Side Door Latch Fits Peterbilt. This particular part may easily break, making the doors difficult to latch. Audi A4 B7/B8: Door Lock Problems Diagnostic Guide. Peterbilt Striker-Door Latch Trimark ID: R56-6017 from Peterbilt Parts. FYI Customer service number is 1-888-805-9837. Causes range from electrical wiring issues to faulty door lock actuators. When the assembly was latched, the latch was dropping too low and preventing the striker. THE RECALL BEGAN ON MARCH 14, 2008. Peterbilt Motors Company is an American truck manufacturer. If both S' and R' are asserted, then both Q and Q' are equal to 1 as shown at time t4. 2013 Ford Fusion’s Whopping 17 Recalls Cover Engine Failures, Faulty Door Latches, and Reduced Steering Control. If the graphite lubricant doesn’t work, let’s try the credit card trick. Door handles are not interchangeable side for side. Freightliner M2 Upper Door Hinge A1844774000 A1844774001. Otherwise, you may need to remove the door switch assembly and. The most severe problems pertain to powertrain failure, shaky transmissions, vehicle stalls, and doors opening unexpectedly while in motion. The first six digits are the production date. Usually a problematic door latch assembly will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential problem that should be serviced. By William Sharber 13 July 2023. Exterior RH Door Handle Fits 2005 and Earlier Peterbilt 359, 370, 377, 378,and 379. If your newborn can't latch on correctly because your nipples don't protrude from your breast, try pumping for a minute or two before you begin breastfeeding. But I have to push the safety latch up when shutting any door, and then it resets every time I close the door smh Is there a trick to be learned here ? Deal with it or take it to the shop ?. One of the common problems we face owning a RAM Promaster is the sliding door issue. Peterbilt door latch cab righthand R56-6035-001R. Secure the hood latches on both sides of the vehicle device by pushing it in the upward direction. Loose or disconnected linkages. peterbilt 579 door not opening inside outside mechanism ">peterbilt 579 door not opening inside outside mechanism. Unplug all the electrical connectors from it. The most recently reported issues are listed below. This piece seems surprisingly weak comparing to the force it takes to overcome the spring load. SKU: Dirks1039 Categories: 359, Body, Body. Thank you for coming to Just Answer. Continue removing metal until the door latch catches. The lock/unlock actuator (motor) is at the latch mechanism. peterbilt door latch for sale. Peterbilt Door striker pins. 75607 5Pin Compatible with Peter bilt 365 367 384 386 387 389 1609209PKG 5 Pin Window Lift Switch 1609209. Lubricating the door latch can often resolve problems with doors that are stubborn to open. The contact called spradley kia (2145 hwy 50 west, pueblo, CO 81008, (719) 543-6710) where an appointment was scheduled to have the vehicle diagnosed. My simplest solution: Replace only the motor of the latch instead of the entire latch unit. 0 out of 5 stars The size was …. When your key fob works right, it unlocks or locks your car and then jumpstarts the ignition with just a single push of the button. I went in to get min reprogrammed because I have a family that hops out before the driver does. SKU: HLK2127 Category: Uncategorized Tags: 388 automann door hlk2127 latch peterbilt R56-6017 striker. Peterbilt manufactured the 379 until 2007 when the 389 …. Frequent causes why the clutch doesn’t disengage correctly include faults in the release system (clutch release bearing, slave cylinder, clutch lever), a jammed pilot bearing, or non-compliance with important installation requirements. Exterior doors, which are exposed to the elements, may benefit from a commercial lock cleaner sprayed into the keyhole to dissolve dirt or debris. Stainless Steel Flame Silhouette Keyhole Protector. If the latch isn’t engaging properly, the dishwasher might interpret it as the door being open and, consequently, refuse to start. It’s dangerous to drive on, it obscures your windshield, and sometimes it keeps you from even getting inside. Common Door Installation Problems and Fixes. The outside handle is linked to the latch with a metal rod. I'll be assisting you with this issue today. Latest repair on 3-28-06 consisted of replacing trunk lock tumbler and driver side door lock tumbler. mack rh models peterbilt 386 series (2001-2015), blue bird vision model (2001-2015) blue bird vision school bus model rf549533 a 680 880 01 60 hood latch freightliner fl 106, fl 112, fl50-80 & m2 class rf328924092 l56-0001 hood latch peterbilt 357, 367, 377-379, 388 & 389 series (1987-2011), kenworth t600, w900, t300, t600a, & t800 models (1986. PETERBILT DOOR LATCH - 359 370 MODELS (2005 & EARLIER) PASSENGER SIDE. Dirks1411 – Peterbilt Door Latch, Drivers Side $ 40. I've replaced the entire latch assembly with a brand new one. Truck Repair This answer was rated: ★★★★★ I replaced door hinge door latch and striker pin. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the solutions. The door spring tension is improperly set. Stainless Steel; Available to Fit 2005 & Newer or 2005 & Older; Features. 00 Add to cart; Dirks1039 – Peterbilt Door Striker Pin $ 22. Corrosion causes the hood pull release handle to stick in the open position. Has black, brown, white wire on the door latch mechanism. The first one might be the fuse of the door. Peterbilt 379 Fiberglass Extra Wide Cowl Panels. The sleeper door latch is designed to fit various Peterbilt models built in 2006 or newer. The knob will not turn to retract the stuck door latch. Buy Kenworth Peterbilt Hood Latch Assembly kit/Set L56-0001 -Comes with Polished Stainless Steel Brackets: 13. Dirks1411 – Peterbilt Door Latch, Drivers Side. I’ve had a really good streak of flying this year. AM Autoparts Front Door Chrome Outside Handle Left & Right Pair Set for Peterbilt 200-33 330. To reset the door, go to the back of your parked Highlander and open the rear door. eBay; eBay Motors; For Peterbilt Door Striker Pin Models 330, 335, 378, 379 20-12972, HLK2128. Door Latch - Left - Peterbilt 20-08229L. My Hyundai Door Won’t Open (Problem SOLVED!). Shave off the inside of the strike plate with a rotary tool and a metal-cutting carbide bit. Window Lift Switch Driveside Peterbilt. Reconnect the battery within 10 seconds, then hold the Schlage button. The current and failure mileages were 146,000. Ric in Richmond Discussion starter · Jan 7, 2019. Repairs from the first two recalls may not have resolved the failure, prompting additional recalls. It will swivel on the inside door handle shaft. Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2022. Use a flat thin tool or piece of metal and slip it between the panel and the metal door frame. Access to over a million of the most in-demand parts including Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, International, and more! TPI Customer Care line to help you find your part FAST! Learn More About TPI. If the slider has dropped inside then use the allan key and a pair of molegrips. OWNERS MAY CONTACT KENWORTH AT 1-425-828-5440 OR PETERBILT AT 1-940-591-4196. Make sure that your key is facing up and down when you take it out. Replace the hinge with a new one in the exact same position and screw them into place. 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Latches/locks/linkage related problems. Apply some rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer on the key and the lock. com or call us at 1-800-358-4751 and we will be glad to help. HUYILUN0104 Left Driver Side Door Latch Compatible with Peterbilt 2008229L. Lock cylinders and latches lacking lubrication can require excessive force to operate and this can in turn bend linkage rods and break fragile plastic connectors. , Canada and elsewhere because of a nagging door latch problem and a brake fluid leak. Find the liftgate button inside the door, press it, and hold it down for 10 seconds. 206, 'door locks and door retention …. PETERBILT 579 OPERATOR'S MANUAL Pdf Download. It runs along the side paneling of the vehicle and serves as a release when you open the fuel door, and a lock when you close it. com">2020 Peterbilt 579 Parts & Accessories. Using an orbital sander, carefully remove material from one side of the jamb and check the door regularly for fit. A trunk lock actuator makes a distinct "clicking. 54 $5199 FREE delivery Apr 28 - May 2 Or fastest delivery Mon, May 1 Only 11 left in stock - order soon. As a result, the sliding door does not tend to close. I've never taken apart a door or anything like that, it does have power everything (window/locks/mirror) Just wondering is it relatively easy once I get the panel off or is it a pain. The long screw will grab the wall framing and draw in the whole doorjamb slightly. If your dishwasher keeps beeping and stopping, the odds are that the door latch is loose. Pry upward with a second screwdriver to pop it out (Photo 2). A common cause of the alarm going off on the Ford F-250 is due to a faulty hood latch sensor otherwise known as a hood switch. Log in with your company name and password. whitco tasman door lock problem. Our videos have helped repair over 100 million vehicles. Remove the door panel by finding screws in the door panel and on the door handle. 00 Add to cart; Dirks1039 - Peterbilt Door Striker Pin $ 22. Ford Fiesta Door Latch Problems. These Peterbilt door seals add a secure barrier to prevent water and debris from entering through your cab doors. Peterbilt 386 HVAC Blend Door Broken. Wipe the hinge area with a clean rag and spray it with white lithium grease or a few drops of ordinary motor oil. Remove old batteries by pulling them out; install new Lithium batteries in their place. The Spruce / Michela Buttignol. Freightliner Kick-off Low Air Switch - FSC-1749-2134. Teflon bushings Door Latches & Striker Plates Polyethylene grease stick Door Weatherstrip Silicone lubricant Hub-piloted Aluminum Wheels Coat the wheel pilot or until the problem is found and …. NEFF Dishwasher Problems: 7 Common Issues (solutions). If breastfeeding hurts, your baby may be sucking on only the nipple, and not also …. Push down on the hood where the hood latch is located and hold the hood down. If the truck has a unibilt sleeper assembly the cab can shift. 50 Read more; Dirks1006 – Peterbilt 359 Hood Cable DIRKSCC97 - Peterbilt 379 RH Sleeper Door Skin, No Vent $ 147. Grab the bent or broken latch and yank it out. Tighten all of the screws in each hinge with a screwdriver. Turn the key to the ‘On’ position. Pantry Hidden in Plain Sight — A fun hidden door helps balance proportions in this kitchen by mirroring the look of nearby cabinets. Peterbilt Door Latch & Key Hole Cover 1 Piece. 14 - Latch And Key Hole Surrounds With Flames (Pair) 30582 N30582 14 - Surrounds With Flames Driver side. Heat up the key with a lighter. Passenger: D56002391 And 2008229R. The 2018 Ford F-150’s outfitted with the 3. Move it side-to-side so it aligns with the opening in the inner panel of the hood. If the latch retracts, then the handles are not secured to the thru spindle properly. SKU: HLK2221 Category: Uncategorized Tags: 20-08229L 2008229L 359 370 377 378 379 889626255120 D56002390 hlk2221. As you pull the handle, rotate the latch with your screwdriver into the correct orientation. These tips will prevent your car doors and locks from freezing shut, and help you get i. One common cause is a stuck or jammed door latch, which controls the power to open and close the doors. The Knob Won’t Turn or if it Turns the Latch Doesn’t Retract– If the doorknob won’t turn, more than likely the something inside the door latch mechanism is broken or jammed. Swelling of the door, misalignment, or issues with the strike plate could be causing the problem. When the tab is straightened out, try opening and closing the door. Larson Storm Door Handle Problems — Five Common Issues. Learn how to break your cat's bad habits. The only part that these two have in common is the master switch. Peterbilt R56-6035-001 Latch $59. Your Hyundai car door won’t open because of a disconnection between the rod responsible and the handle latch. uPVC Door Won’t Lock When Closed Shut. First model line introduced with red Peterbilt emblem (at launch) Butterfly-type hood with cycle-style fenders. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Odyssey based on all problems reported for …. One month from today, 2,000 leaders of the Chinese Communist Party will gather. Peterbilt Door Accessories - Semi Truck Chrome Shop offering Parts for Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, International, Western Star, Mack and Volvo. Even when the knob is turned, the latch still will not retract. This seems to be a huge issue with W202's and something that many of you will also deal with. The button handle has a spring that is roughly cone-shaped. The only real permanent solution is to replace the trunk latch with the redesigned latch. If you’re thinking of buying a 2015 F-150, here’s what …. The lower door jamb is out of plumb and the door is catching at the bottom. Part Info (877)557-8782 Request Info. How to Fix a Door That Won’t Stay Closed. Solution: Look at the latch as you close the door. This led Ford to issue a recall in 2020 to replace the faulty part. 2 product ratings - Peterbilt Door Latch Left Hand 20-08229L 2008229L. If the gasket is dirty, clean it. This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the door latch on a Bosch dishwasher. Most pet owners suffer their cat's behavior problems in silence, but they don't have to. On the car door that will not close, examine the door latch located near the handle on the side of the door. Peterbilt 386 & 389 Door Panel Tutorial. Locate the actuator and replace it with your new one. Whether your door takes multiple pulls to open or anything else is causing your door latch to need replacement, here's how to replace the door latch on any 2. Peterbilt Latch-Doo ID: 20-08229L from Peterbilt Parts. When he replaced the liner, he tightened the screws while blocking the lower door corner with his ankle. Step 4: Reattach the clips and cables. At first, the door won't work properly. In these vehicles, the doors have a bent or kinked actuation cable. 00 Add to cart; Door Hold Back - Stainless Steel $ 27. Remove the battery cover and batteries first. The contact drove to his residence. If the battery is not the problem, then you may. Lonnie, the door Ajar switches are on the inside of the door (see attached diagram). Another reason your Bosch washing machine door could get stuck is if the pressure switch fails to reset. Part# R56-1114R OLD# R56-1028R. The contact owns a 2003 Volkswagen Passat. 00 Add to cart; Dirks1004 – Dual Wire Dashboard Light Bulb Socket $ 22. This item: Automann Peterbilt Door Latch Rh HLK2222. eBay; eBay Motors; Parts & Accessories; eBay Motors; Parts & Accessories; Peterbilt 352 COE Cargo door latch with cable. PWR/MAN: POWER WINDOW AND POWER LOCK. This specific latch had a sticking. If you notice that, despite being not terribly far away from the car, it is not reacting to the queue to lock/unlock the vehicle, then it might be time to replace the fob battery. It took several mounth's to get her back in shape. Insert the card between the door frame and the side of the door, right where the latch is. Bosch Dishwasher Door Latch Replacement #00654621. The vehicle was taken to san tan Ford located at 1429 e motorplex loop, gilbert, az 85297, (480) 821-3200, to be diagnosed. Inman Intel: Insights & Research. Step 3 – Replace the trunk latch. Had to pull the latch and push on the door to get it to open. Wiring problem: If the locks are not working, try switching the button either down and up or opening and closing the door a couple of times. The dishwasher is stopping mid-cycle because the sensor on the door latch is shorted or obscured. Ford Explorer door lock problem by froggy. 365 trucks pdf manual download. started replacing the driver side door latch today on the perm head racing pull truck!! with some goofing off and laughs!!. The lower latch and lower strike (for your knob or lever) are misaligned, putting too much load on the deadbolt latch: As a test. Unfortunately, having faulty door latch switches can cause a fuse to blow out. PETERBILT 365 MANUAL Pdf Download. GG Grand General 50221 Chrome Plastic Exterior Sleeper Storage Door Latch for Peterbilt. Step 2: Once the handles are removed, check the gearboxes and see if they are damaged or jammed. APPERFiT Door Striker Pin 20-12972 (2pcs) Compatible with Peterbilt 330 335 359 370 378 379 There was a problem filtering reviews right now. If the actuators have any sort of internal or wiring issue, it may cause them to rapidly lock and unlock unexpectedly, or cause them to function intermittently. The shifting mechanism has become hard to operate all of a sudden. To do this, simply install the redesigned latch in the reverse order that you removed the old latch. 2014 PETERBILT 567 Recall - LATCHES/LOCKS/LINKAGES Problem: PACCAR Inc. Maximum operating pressure of 5,000 psi. It is constructed from chrome plastic and is sold as two peices. 2004 Ford F-150 supercab; the rear driver door can be in the 1/2 latched position and the front door can engage 100% and the open door light will go out, yet the doors are not fully secure. The piece has a plastic post that’s about a 1/4” in diameter and this pin/post pushes the latch up to clear the holes to open the door. If a door doesn’t latch, either the door or the frame has shifted, resulting in the misalignment of the strike plate and strike, or bolt. In my situation the latch side rail, Z-bar was the problem. Related: 9 Common Ford F-150 Locking Problems (Solved & Explained) 8. Mopar® Front Passenger Side Door Lock Cylinder (68045150AA) 0. Top Rated SellerTop Rated Sellerglobalpartspro (110,620) 98. OCESTORE 16-09209 Heavy Duty Window Lift Switch Left Driver Side 577. This Item Normally Ships in 10-20 Business Days. SMEG Dishwashers Problems: 7 Common Issues (Must Read). As they pressurized the cabin, the cargo door went flying and the floor, separating the passenger cabin and the cargo hold failed. Models: Peterbilt 359 370 (2005 & Earlier) 379 389 Reference Numbers R/H Newstar S. Take note of the type of resistance. It also won’t lock anymore like it’s caught up somewhere. My driver side door won't open from the outside. 10 - Frigidaire Microwave Control Panel. How to Resolve VW Beetle Trunk Latch Problems. Peel back the shroud covering the interior components. Rub a pencil or crayon on the tip of the latch, then close the door and try the handle several times. Fits Various Peterbilt Models (2006 & Newer) Made From Chrome Plastic. Peterbilt 2006+ Door View Window Inside Cover. actually the 379 has a 63" flat-top the cab and frame does flex alot (307" wheelbase). ZONFANT 2 Pcs Door Striker Bolts Set, Door Latch Lock Striker Bolts Including Bushing Compatible With Select 1980-1998 Ford / 1986-1989 Lincoln / 1981-1991 Mercury, Replace#E9AZ5422008A 38448 4. If the plastic slider is still in place just use a small allan key in the hole and slide the mechanism up or down depending if it is fitted L/R handed. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Windstar based on all problems reported for the Windstar. On the latch side, a door is cut at a slight bevel to make it easier to close. These include an electrical issue, a door latch problem, broken locks, dirt and rust, loose hinges, a broken door handle, or the car being locked. How to avoid replacing your door latch. I noticed that my cab is not grounded by using my power probe. Doesn’t open from the inside or outside. The contact owns a 2008 Chevrolet Hhr. Send us your pictures and videos: http://skill-builder. If the cam has broken (high percentage), using the second cam will open the door. Ventline D030100 Bullet Door Latch. I would treat these as separate issues though. Replacing a dishwasher door latch is very easy. The most common cause of a car hood that won’t close is hood latch corrosion. With over 2400 different parts and accessories, we have everything to make your truck go and shine. Peterbilt 359 Extended Hood Air Cylinder Front Mounting Spacer. Peterbilt Door Parts">Amazon. A second person pulls on the hood release and holds the cable pulled. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Major 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 known problems. This was worse on the driver's side vs. This PDF manual is a collection of wiring electrical circuits and connections to the truck Peterbilt 348. cylinder spring assembly and a latch hook. If the door remains locked, insert a credit card between the latch and door frame, and wiggle it as you turn the knob. Whirlpool Duet washers and dryers can stop working. Apple ousts Forstall, head of iOS, and hands over cloud problems to its cloud guy. New Peterbilt 379 Door Latch, P/N HLK2128 for sale. from model years 2011 to 2016 to replace faulty door latches, which can become unlatched while driving. Look for the “Front” & “Back” imprint on. The vehicle was taken to ourisman Hyundai (3516 laurel fort meade rd, laurel, MD 20724, (301) 973-3359 to be diagnosed. To fix this issue, take a screwdriver and hold the door handle in the open position (pulling if necessary). Tl the contact owns a 2016 Chrysler town and country. Customers have filed 118 complaints about Ford Escape doors, sharing that the spot welds on the door assembly bracket can malfunction. These tractors look much like the 387, but their cabs and sleepers are …. This means that the tension on the door springs isn’t strong enough to keep the door closed. Door & Ignition Locks Peterbilt 379 377. If the door won't open, you may need to replace the entire control panel assembly to fix the problem. The Pressure Switch Did Not Reset. Hyundai Santa Fe Rear Hatch Won't Open. Nissan Altima Hood Latch Recall Fix Failed: Lawsuit. Page 141 Hood Pivots Fifth Wheel Components 40 – 60K For Adjustment Brake Treadle Hinge and Roller Lock Cylinders Door Hinges Door Latches and Striker Plate Door Weatherstrip Drain Tanks, Replace Desiccant as Air Dryer Required Model 330 PB1318 3/01 – 133 – Page 142: Lubrication Specifications. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Automann Peterbilt Door Latch Rh HLK2222 at Amazon. Door Latch For Peterbilt Replaces 20. J = 2018 K = 2019 The Vehicle Identification Number is L = 2020 on the Peterbilt labels on the left hand door post. Peterbilt Door Latch RH '05-Earlier 359, 370, 377, 378, 379 20-08229R 2008229R. Latch Lock Kit - Battery Box - Tool Box - Peterbilt 386 387 Models - C233213. Was detailing the Jeep for a couple hours, and had the liftgate open for 20-30 minutes while I did all door jams and engine bay. Manually try to move the deadbolt or latch into its locked position. Finally, apply lubricant to any parts that may need it in order to ensure smooth operation of the system. An issue with the door may be causing the issue with your sliding door lock. Peterbilt Door Latch D56002391 D56002390 *Please Verify OEM Number Before Purchase Add to Cart. How to Adjust French Doors: Easy Step. Apply some WD-40 on the latch mechanism. 2) Hold the door knob on the other side of the door, and turn the loose door knob clockwise until it fits snugly. 304 Stainless Steel Door Latch Surround Fit Peterbilt 378, 379, 388, 389, 567 & 579 * High Quality Door Latch Surround * Made Of 304 Stainless Steel * Fits Cab Or Sleeper Door * Sold As Pair * Warranty On Door Latch Surround Against Defects In Workmanship & Material From Date Of Purchase. There’s no universal solution to this problem, but there are a few thinks you can try. How to Repair a Dishwasher Door Latch. PETERBILT 06 AND NEWER CHROME PLASTIC DOOR HANDLE TRIM PASSENGER SIDE. I found the trouble for the 2004 and older models turned out to be the multiplex on the passenger side. While the contact's wife was driving 55 mph, the rear passenger door independently opened and failed to latch. If the freezer door will not close, this is sometimes because the drawer in the freezer is reversed. Dorman - Help Door Latch Cable Repair Kit. (Tightening the screws on your doorknob too much can cause the knobs to bind. 1-16 of 78 results for "peterbilt door latch" Results. The handle is stiff from rust and the latch is broken, so I'll show how to replace both the Handle. ITs been my experience that if the hinge has any amount of wear you will get this premature wear on the pin. Gently push the card while turning the door knob, and the latch should retract. In a rush to get out the door, you leave an essential item on the kitchen table. As a house settles, door latches and strike plates sometimes become misaligned, so doors won’t latch shut. The freezer door hinge broke twice and I finally resorted to MacGyvering a new hinge out of duct tape. So whether you're replacing this for a broken door lock or door op. Models: Peterbilt 359 370 (2005 & Earlier) 379 389 Reference Numbers R/H …. 1A Auto Video Library - contains after market auto parts installation, repair and troubleshooting videos from 1A Auto Mechanics to help solve your car problems today. The most common Peterbilt 379 headlight assembly shapes are 6" X 4" rectangular and 7" or 5 3/4" round. certain door latch assemblies on these vehicles fail to conform to the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Door Latches & Hardware - Door Latches - Peterbilt Door Latches - UATPARTS Shop by Category Accessories ABS Cables & Connectors Adhesives & Sealant Air Related Parts Axle Covers Bushings & Seals Brackets & Clamps Bug Screens & Deflectors Bumper & Fender Related Cab Shocks & Airbags Cab Visors Cargo Control CB Radio Accessories Chrome Nut Covers. Driver and Passenger Side Available (Choose Above) Direct Aftermarket Replacement For OEM#s: Driver Side: D56002350. Kenworth Door Latch Assembly R561114 R561114R *Please Verify OEM Number Before Purchase Keep your doors securely in place with this Kenworth door latch which can be sold individually or as a complete set. PETERBILT DOOR LATCH STRIKER – R56-6017.